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  • Investment funds

    Venture funds asset management

    The service of venture funds asset management is aimed at business processes support at all stages of its existence in order to provide a high financial performance of a fund by using the most appropriate investment strategy and most profitable financial instruments.

    Purposes for creating venture fund

    • Launching a new project or starting a business;
    • Real estate development;
    • Effective management of temporarily free assets;
    • Control centralization of a business and convenient corporate rights management.

    Venture fund advantages

    • Tax benefits, taxes payable minimization – assets of venture fund are not taxed on income;
    • No restrictions on assets structure – multiple options of individual investment strategy implementation and most profitable financial instruments usage;
    • High liquidity – a procedure of ownership change and assets transfer by venture fund is much more simplified in comparison with the procedure of corporate rights sale;
    • Privacy Policy – no need of assets activity display and its ownership.

    Services provided to venture funds

    "AMC "OTP Capital" LLC has successful experience in venture funds asset management, constantly showing high financial performance of venture funds under its management in a competitive environment.

    "OTP Capital" offers a comprehensive approach to asset management of venture funds and provides following services:

    • Creation of corporate and mutual venture funds
      Document development for venture fund;
      Leading a registration process of venture fund by authorities.
    • Administration and effective management of corporate and mutual venture funds
      Alteration of charter documents;
      Strategy and financial instruments schemes development;
      Financial and taxation counselling;
      Financial monitoring;
      Document flow management and reporting to authorities;
      Income accounting and dividend payout.

    Venture funds activities are regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On Joint Investment Institutions" and by regulations of National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMSC).

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