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Professional pension fund “Magistral”
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    Professional pension fund "Magistral"

    Professional pension fund "Magistral" is a non-profit organization acting according to the Law of Ukraine "On non-state pension provision" and other regulations concerning non-state pension provision.

    The activities of the fund are aimed at non-state pension provision by means of assets accumulation, further investment and income generation as well as pension payments in favor of fund participants.

    The contributors to the Professional pension fund "Magistral" can be any legal entity or private individual working in railway industry and transport construction.

    Professional pension fund "Magistral" is:

    • strengthening social protection of railway workers providing them with additional non-government pension;
    • motivating long-term employment of high-skilled labor force by increasing pension contributions depending on employee’s age and employment term;
    • expanding social package for railway workers;
    • supporting the image of corporate members as a socially responsible employer.


    The Trade Union of Railway Workers and Transport Constructors of Ukraine – the purpose of the Union is to represent and protect the labor, social and economic rights and interests of union members in relations with employers and their associations, in state and local authorities as well as in relations with other civil groups.

    Servicing Companies

    Administrator – LLC "Pension fund administrator "Center for Personalized Accounting" was founded in 2004 as professional administrator with exclusive activity of pension funds administration (License: AB 115988, issued on 14.08.2008). The company is the leader in pension fund administration because of its experience, highly trained staff, focus on exclusive type of business, usage of high-quality software and constant business processes optimization.

    More information:

    Asset Management Company – LLC "AMC "OTP Capital" (License: AD 075876, issued on 28.09.2012) was founded in 2007 and became the second, after "OTP Bank", representative of OTP Group in Ukraine. The company provides a wide range of high quality investment services, to corporate customers and private individuals, and is one of the leaders on collective investments market. "OTP Capital" manages mutual and venture capital funds, assets of insurance companies and pension funds.

    More information:

    Custodian bank — "UkrSibbank" was founded in 1990 in Kharkiv. Since that time the bank has made the way from a Kharkiv regional bank to a member of one of the largest world banking groups — "BNP Paribas" that has two hundred years of history and operates in about 80 countries. Integration with the "BNP Paribas" group has opened new opportunities for the "UkrSibbank": affiliation with the global brand, use of progressive world experience and transition to new standards of management. Currently, the "BNP Paribas" group ranks first among foreign banks represented in Ukraine in terms of assets, net income, and market capitalization. Due to the strategic partnership with the "BNP Paribas" group, the "UkrSibbank" bank is one of the most reliable and stable banks in Ukraine. License to conduct depositary activities AE No. 286556. License to conduct the activity on saving assets of pension funds AE No. 286558.

    More information:

    Contact information of PNPF "Magistral"

    Professional pension fund "Magistral", EDRPOU: 34832684, Certificate of financial institution registration PF №87, issued on 22.01.2007, registration number: 12101952.
    Address: 03049, Ukraine, Kyiv, Povitroflotskyi avenue, 15-A
    Phone: (044) 406-92-04, (044) 465-00-70
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