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FreeFlight pension fund changes it bank-custodian and transfer details for contributions

Starting March 1, 2019, FreeFlight pension fund changes it bank-custodian to "UKRSIBBANK", respectively, all transfer details for pension contributions are changed.

New pension fund with foreign currency strategy is available in OTP Bank

Now visiting one of OTP Bank branches you can join non-state pension fund "FreeFlight", which has foreign currency investment strategy. It means that all hryvna contributions from participants will be invested exclusively in foreign currency instruments in order to protect savings from devaluation as well as to obtain foreign currency yields higher than bank deposits offer. The portfolio of the fund will include the most reliable instruments of the financial market – G-bonds and bank deposits denominated in foreign currency, which provide protection and constant increase of savings.

OTP Capital expands its pension business. The company bought open pension fund "FreeFlight"

"OTP Capital" has become the sole founder of the non-state pension fund "FreeFlight" instead of "Scientific and Production Enterprise "Ukrprominvest". The fund was established in 2007 for effective accumulation of pension savings in order to provide additional non-state pension payments for fund’s participants. Currently, the fund has 191 participants with UAH 736 thousand on their accounts.

Investment opportunities from OTP Group: "OTP Invest+" started the period of annual investment attraction

In December, OTP Capital and OTP Bank announced an annual period of attracting new investments to "OTP Invest+". The main purpose of investment funds is to provide clients with yield higher than deposit, reduce risks through assets’ diversification, and offer a lower lump sum for entering investment in comparison to direct investment in G-bonds and other securities.

10th anniversary of the non-state pension fund OTP Pension

Non-state pension fund "OTP Pension" celebrates its 10th anniversary. During these years, the fund has become one of the leaders of the non-state pension market. Now the fund “OTP Pension” is in the TOP-3 of the largest open pension funds in terms of assets in Ukraine, and ranks 5th in terms of the number of participants among such funds and has the best growth rate of new clients in Ukraine. 40 675 people have already become participants of the fund, who keep more than UAH 130.3 million in OTP Pension retirement savings.

More than 40 000 people are already participants of OTP Pension fund

The number of people with accounts in the non-state pension fund OTP Pension has exceeded 40 000. From beginning of 2018, the number of fund’s participants increased by 21% - more than 7 000 new members joined the fund - this is the best growth indicator in the entire pension industry.

OTP Podviynyi – double catch from OTP Group: bank deposit for 3 months and mutual fund for 12 months

OTP Bank and AMC “OTP Capital” offer a joint product – OTP Podviynyi, which expands clients’ investment opportunities by combining two different financial instruments: a classic 3-month deposit from OTP Bank and a mutual fund from OTP Capital. The investment is divided into two equal parts between these components. The cooperation of these two strategic partners from OTP Group produces double efforts to achieve the best investment result, double risk control and double protection of investments.

OTP Capital turns 11 years old

Asset management company "OTP Capital" has turned 11 years old. Since 2007, it has been responsible in Ukrainian OTP Group for asset management of investment funds, non-state pension funds and insurance companies’ assets.

Press release, June 7, 2018 OTP Bank and OTP Capital attracted a record 34.7 million UAH in unique hybrid product "Podviynyi Rezultat"

Campaign aimed to collect investments in “Podviynyi Rezultat” resulted for OTP Bank and asset management company OTP Capital in attraction a record investment in amount of 34.7 million hryvnias. The product, which combines bank deposit and mutual fund in equal proportions, is unique for Ukraine and is offered by OTP Group since 2012. This allows clients to receive an increased rate on deposit and additional income from investments in financial market instruments.

"Podviynyi Rezultat" deposit program: 15% annual yield for 3-month deposit with OTP Bank and investment in OTP Capital mutual fund

Asset management company OTP Capital together with OTP Bank are offering a deposit program "Podviynyi Rezultat", which combines classic bank deposit and mutual fund. This allows clients to receive an increased rate on deposit and additional income from investments in financial market instruments. The offer will be in effect until the end of May 2018.

Profitable devaluation protection – "OTP Valutnyi" generated 5.8% USD yield in 2017

"OTP Valutnyi" mutual fund under management of AMC "OTP Capital" earned for its investors 5.8% USD yield in 2017. The aim of the fund is to protect investors from hryvna devaluation and to earn yield higher in comparison with US dollar denominated bank deposits.

Conservative strategy of "OTP Classic" resulted in 15.3% yield

In 2017, open-end fund "OTP Classic" under management of "OTP Capital" asset management company brought 15.33% of yield to its investors. OTP Classic is a specialized money market fund, which invests in the most conservative instruments – bank deposits and government bonds. The term of investment in this fund is not limited and it is possible for investors to withdraw their capital at any time.

OTP Capital has more than doubled the volume of insurance assets under management in 2017

In 2017 “OTP Capital” asset management company increased the volume of assets of insurance company under management by 119%, from UAH 31.6 million up to UAH 69.2 million. Currently, OTP Capital manages 4 portfolios of insurance companies, that includes Unit-linked products, an investment-insurance products, which are unique for Ukraine.

OTP Equity Fund generated 45% yield in 2017

In 2017, “OTP Equity Fund” under management of OTP Capital yielded 45.24%. Shares of Ukrainian enterprises in the fund’s portfolio formed the main income of the fund. In particular, the most high-yielding investments were shares of Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Donbasenergo and Myronivsky Hliboproduct

First in Ukraine opportunity to make contributions to OTP Pension account with Mastercard® Rewards bonuses

First in Ukraine OTP Bank and MasterCard introduced a unique opportunity for OTP Bank MasterCard holders to transfer their bonuses accumulated in Mastercard® Rewards bonus program into savings in the non-state pension fund “OTP Pension”

OTP Invest+: using mutual funds to increase investment efficiency

From 4th till 27th of December 2017 the period of attracting new investments in “OTP Invest+”, managed by OTP Capital, is taking place. This kind of product was created in 2012 for investors seeking for instruments with low risk, but with yields higher than average bank deposit rates. During these years the fund’s yield was between 25% and 33% per annum.

"OTP Pension" is now available in financial advisers network of OVB Allfinanz Ukraine

From now on “OTP Pension” pension contracts and pension accumulation consultations are available in OVB branch network and through its financial advisers all over Ukraine

OTP Capital started managing assets of “Freeflight” pension fund

Asset management company “OTP Capital” has signed asset management agreement with non-state pension fund “Freeflight”. The fund was established in 2007 for non-state pension provision by accumulating savings in favor of its participants, further investment of accumulated assets and, as a result, additional pension payments to participants

Asset Management Company "OTP Capital" celebrates 10th anniversary

The asset management company OTP Capital celebrates its 10th anniversary. The company was founded in 2007 and became the second representative of OTP Group in Ukraine. The main activity of the company is asset management of public mutual and venture funds, non-state pension funds and insurance companies

Assets of “OTP Pension” exceeded UAH 100 million

Assets of non-state pension fund “OTP Pension” exceeded 100 million UAH. Since the beginning of 2017 the fund’s assets increased by 12%, which became possible due to constant contributions from existing fund’s participants as well as 6% growth in number of new participants. Totally there are 31 180 people with savings in “OTP Pension”

Equities are returning. "OTP Equity Fund" earned 17.2% during 3 months

Since the beginning of the year, “OTP Equity Fund” managed by OTP Capital has provided its investors with 17.2% of yield, or 88.6% per annum. This became possible due to the equities growth in the fund's portfolio - Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Turboatom and Myronivsky Hliboproduct brought the greatest profit

The number of OTP Pension participants exceeded 30,000 people

The number of people with pension accounts in OTP Pension exceeded 30,000 people. Contributions to these accounts can be made both by individuals and by businesses in favor of employees. In 1Q 2017 the fund received an inflow of UAH 2.35 million. Together with the investment income allocated to participants' pension accounts, the fund increased its total assets by UAH 4.24 million (+4.7%), reaching UAH 93.78 million.

"Podviynyi Rezultat" deposit program from OTP Group: +5% addition to the standard deposit rate and mutual fund trial

Starting April 7, 2017, OTP Capital Asset Management Company and OTP Bank, are offering the "Podviynyi Rezultat" deposit program, which combines classic bank deposit and mutual fund. This allows clients to receive an increased rate on the deposit and additional income from investments in financial market instruments. OTP Group offers similar hybrid programs deposits to its customers since 2012, introducing European experience of investing in Ukraine

Fund "OTP Pension" increased its assets by 90% in 2016 due to record contributions, competitor acquisition and successful investments

Non-state pension fund "OTP Pension" finished 2016 with 90.5% increase of assets under management, reaching UAH 89.5 mln. Furthermore, the number of fund’s participants has tripled and attained 29 400 people

"OTP Pension" - the leader of transparency rating among non-state pension funds

Financial Market and Business Social Responsibility Committee of The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry ranked “OTP Pension” first in the transparency rating of non-state pension funds.

New investment opportunities from "OTP Invest +"

From 5th till 23rd of December 2016 the period of attracting new investments in “OTP Invest+” is taking place. The fund is designed for investors, who are not content with current interest rates and are looking for high yielding return with low risk

Fund “OTP Invest+” has earned 24.6% of annual return

Mutual fund “OTP Invest+” sums up its annual results and gives its clients an opportunity to redeem their securities if necessary. In conditions of government bond prices growth delay in fund’s portfolio, banking system liquidity reduction and currency market destabilization AMC ”OTP Capital” managed to increase “OTP Invest+” annual return to 24,6%, which is higher than average bank deposit rates

Return of "OTP Podviynyi" mutual fund reached 23% per annum

"OTP Podviynyi" mutual fund managed by "OTP Capital" has earned for its investors 23,13% of annual yield. Thus, the fund results exceeded deposit rates of the most banks in Ukraine

Hybrid deposit "Podviynyi" by OTP Group: combination of deposit and mutual fund benefits

On September 19, 2016 OTP Capital asset management company together with OTP Bank started sales of a promo deposit program Podviynyi, which combines the features and benefits of classic bank deposits and investment funds. It means higher interest rate for deposit, on one hand, and additional return from investment fund, on the other. OTP Group was the first bank group, which introduced this unique for Ukraine hybrid deposit in 2012

Asset Management Company "OTP Capital" celebrates 9th anniversary

On July 26, 2016 "OTP Capital" asset management company turned nine years old. Currently the company manages assets of 6 mutual and 3 venture funds, assets of insurance companies and 2 non-state pension funds, totaling UAH 285 mln.

Deposit "Podviynyi+" by OTP Group: deposit and mutual fund benefits for higher yield

Starting June 1, 2016 OTP Capital asset management company together with OTP Bank started sales of a promo deposit program Podviynyi+, which combines the features and benefits of classic bank deposits and investment funds. Based on its international experience, OTP Group launched similar hybrid product on Ukrainian market in 2012. The main advantage of this deposit product is combination of two features – reliability of bank deposits and high yield of investment funds

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