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What are investment funds?
  • What are investment funds?
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    What are investment funds?

    Investment funds – this is the easiest tool for investment, but one of the most profitable. The main goal - to combine the capital of many participants and invest it effectively. Assets of the investment fund owned by its investors in the common property. The ownership share of each investor is confirmed by fund securities (investment certificates or stocks).

    By placing available assets in investment funds, private investors combines the opportunity to get higher than on deposits yield, and control the risk level.

    For effective investment fund has all opportunities - professional manager, analysts, lawyers, and, most importantly, enough resources not to invest all funds in one or two companies, and to carry out a large-scale diversification by investing directly in the top ten best performing companies from different sectors of the economy. Thus reduces the risk. If suddenly at some businesses something do not go well, and its shares have fallen in price, other shares will help.

    Professional asset management activity is aimed to provide an increase of assets under management by:

    • increase of market value of the assets in which funds are invested
    • revenue from securities trading
    • interests and dividends which assets in the investment fund portfolio can provide.

    Income of each investor provided by the rising cost of its parts in total assets of the fund.

    Become a participant of investment funds OTP possible by purchasing investment certificates or shares of the funds in the offices of OTP Bank.

    What are the advantages of placing funds in investment funds?

    • You have the opportunity to earn more.
    • You control the level of risk on investments.
    • You trust your capital to professionals.
    • You are offered the best investment opportunities.
    • Activities of the Fund is transparent.


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