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OTP Podviynyi Rezultat
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    OTP Podviynyi Rezultat

    Get twice more benefits

    Increased deposit interest rate and an opportunity to get additional profit in the mutual fund.

    "Podviynyi Rezultat" deposit program of OTP Group is expanding your investment possibilities by offering a unique combination of a classic bank deposit and a mutual fund:

    • 3-month OTP Bank1 deposit with an increased rate.
    • 12-month investment in the mutual fund of AMC “OTP Capital”2.

    "OTP Group" offers such hybrid investment-banking products since 2012. More about previous results...

    Bank deposit

    A half of money are placed in bank deposit with a higher interest rate.

    • 15% per annum interest rate on term deposit, with interest payable at the end of the term.
    • Deposit term – 3 months.
    • Guaranteed income at the end of the deposit term.
    • The interest rate within the term of a contract will not change.
    • Recharge or partial use of funds on deposit are not allowed.
    • The amount of a deposit must be equal to the amount invested in mutual fund.
    • Minimum deposit sum – 100 000 UAH.
    • Deposits are accepted only in UAH.

    Mutual fund

    Another half of money are placed in the mutual fund «OTP Podviynyi Rezultat»3 with capital protection strategy. This way client gets an opportunity to increase the profitability of savings using the of Ukrainian stock market potential.

    • The fund has a conservative investment strategy with risk control mechanism – investments are made in fixed-income and money market instruments. This approach gives an opportunity to obtain profitability higher than bank deposits with minimum risk.
    • Term of investment in the fund – 12 month4.
    • Minimum sum of investment – 100 000 UAH.
    • Investments are accepted only in UAH.
    • Opening and maintaining of securities account – 750 UAH (one-time payment), no charge for Premium and Private Banking clients of OTP Bank.
    • Purchase fee – 200 UAH.
    • Redemption fee – 1% of a general nominal price (not less than 400 UAH, not more than 1000 UAH).

    The offer is available from May 23 to June 21, 2019

    To learn more about «OTP Podviynyi Rezultat» please contact one of the OTP Bank branches or call:

    • (044) 492 34 69, (044) 490 0 500 (the cost of calls – according to tariffs of your operator)

    1 «OTP Bank» JSC, the License of the National Bank of Ukraine № 191 from 05.10.2011, valid: unlimited. The NSSMC License for underwriting AE № 185114 from 08.10.2012, valid: 08.10.2012 – unlimited. The NSSMC License for brokerage activity AE № 185112 from 08.10.12, valid: 08.10.2012 – unlimited.

    2 «AMC «OTP Capital» LLC, the License of NSSMC series AD № 075876 from 28.09.2012 issued to LLC «AMC «OTP Capital» for professional activity on the stock market – institutional investors’ assets management, valid: 29.09.2012 – unlimited. The registration as financial institution for professional activity on the stock market #1148, issued by NSSMC 26.10.2007.

    3 Mutual non-diversified closed-end investment fund «OTP Podviynyi Rezultat» under management of «AMC «OTP Capital» LLC, code #23200471, IC registration #001181, issued 22.03.2017. MIF registration #00471, issued 11.01.2017, valid – 10 years after registration. To read the prospectus of the MIF«OTP Podviynyi Rezultat» please visit OTP Capital: 03680, Ukraine, 28D Fizkultury St., Kyiv or

    4 On written request of fund participant the Company may repurchase investment certificates until fund’s termination, namely during period from 18.05.2020 till 22.05.2020, after Company’s decision about early redemption and after submission by investor of all necessary documents required by current legislation. In case when fund participant doesn’t have a buyout request or the Company does not make a decision to accept early redemption, the investment period is extended till the date of fund’s termination. Redemption is performed based on a value, calculated on a date of securities’ reception on fund’s securities account, but is impossible in case when it leads to assets decrease under the minimum level.

    Note: the profitability of investments made on financial market can increase or decrease. Funds’ performance results in the past do not guarantee the same performance results in the future. The state does not guarantee the profitability of investments in mutual funds. AMC OTP Capital LLC does not guarantee returns of investment instruments mentioned in this material.



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