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Mutual Specialized Interval Invest Fund «OTP Valutnyi»
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    Mutual Specialized Interval Invest Fund «OTP Valutnyi»

    Fund designed for investors seeking for a low risk opportunity to protect their savings from currency devaluation risks and to get higher returns than from foreign currency bank deposits. Fund protects investors’ savings from devaluation of hryvnia (Ukrainian currency) by investing the fund's assets only in instruments denominated in foreign currency.

    Most of the fund’s assets invested in foreign currency Ukrainian government bonds, guaranteed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which carry less risk than bank deposits, and the level of profitability enables the fund to obtain yield higher interest rates on foreign currency deposits. When assets placed in bank deposits, money distributed between multiple banks with different maturity, which diversifies these investments and reduces risk.

    Investments can be withdrawn on a quarterly basis without compromising profitability, unlike bank deposits, where a customer can get high rates only with a long-term deposit. The maximum period of investment is unlimited.

    The fund is the successor of "OTP Valutniy" closed-end fund, which showed one of the best results among all financial instruments in Ukraine during 2 years. The fund’s strategy, aimed at investments in foreign currency government bonds and bank deposits, yielded 235.3% (105.6% of annual return), 20.3% (9.1% of annual return) in dollar equivalent.
    To learn more about "OTP Valutniy" closed-end fund performance results.

    Terms of investing in the Fund «OTP Valutnyi»

    • Total amount of investment certificates – UAH 200 000 000.
    • Nominal value of investment certificate – UAH 100.
    • Investors of the fund – individual clients and legal entities.
    • Fund created – July 24, 2015.
    • Period of validity of the fund – not limited.
    • Purchase – every working day.
    • Redemption – quarterly (from 15 to 20 of each March, June, September, December).
    • Minimum investment – UAH 20 000.
    • Investments accepted only in UAH.
    • Opening and maintaining of securities account: 750 UAH (one-time payment), no charge for Premium and Private Banking clients of OTP Bank.
    • Purchase commission – UAH 200.
    • Redemption commission: 0.5% of the total nominal value of investment certificates (minimum of UAH 200; maximum of UAH 2000).
    • Premium at purchase*: +0,2%.
    • Discount at redemption*: -0,2%.

    *percent by which the price of investment certificate can be increased/decreased during purchase/redemption in order to compensate the gap between NBU exchange rate, which is officially used for foreign currency assets accounting, and interbank market exchange rate, the rate of actual foreign assets purchase. Premium/discount are implemented if the gap between the NBU and interbank market exchange rates is greater than 0.5%.

    Approximate assets structure

    • Foreign currency bonds – up to 100%;
    • Foreign currency deposits – up to 100%;
    • Foreign currency futures – up to 20%.

    Necessary documents for purchase/redemption of investment certificates:

    • Passport;
    • Certificate on the individual number of a taxpayer.

    You can purchase and redeem investment certificates of "OTP Valutnyi" in any OTP Bank branch.

    To get initial consultation from a bank manager and to choose the most convenient branch for you, please call Bank information center: (044) 492 34 69, (044) 490 05 00.

    You can find prospectus of MSIIF "OTP Valutnyi" at the "AMC" OTP Capital" LLC office: 28D Fizkultury St., Kyiv, Ukraine 03680, or online

    The License of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market issued to “AMC “OTP Capital” LLC for professional activity on the stock market - institutional investors‘ asset management №AD 075876, date of issue: 28.09.2012, valid: 29.09.2012 – unlimited.

    Warning: the value of fund securities can increase or decrease. Fund performance results in the past do not guarantee the same performance results in the future. “AMC “OTP Capital” LLC does not guarantee returns of investment instruments mentioned in these materials. The state does not guarantee the profitability of investments in mutual funds. Before the purchase of an investment, certificate or share of the fund read carefully the prospectus of the fund.



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