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    Company OTP Capital


    Limited Liability Company Asset Management Company “OTP Capital” was founded in July 2007. Founders of AMC OTP Capital are Ukrainian “OTP Bank” and Hungarian Asset Management Company “OTP Fund Management”.

    OTP Capital is the second member of OTP Group in Ukraine.

    Charter capital of OTP Capital is UAH 10 mln.

    OTP Capital has a License of National Securities and Stock Market Commission to provide management of assets of mutual and non-government pension funds.


    OTP Capital offers a wide range of high-quality investment services to the both corporate and individual clients.

    We do all our best to provide the highest level of investments’ profitability.
    As an affiliate company of OTP Bank we cooperate closely with the mother bank to distribute our products.

    As an affiliate company of OTP Fund Management we accept and apply the best experience and practice of our mother company.

    We encourage creativity and commitment among our staff, constantly improve their competence and promote full realization of their potential.

    Organizational structure of the Company

    LLC "AMC" OTP Capital" consists of the following structural units, which report to the Board of Directors of the Company:

    • Operational Department;
    • Investment Department;
    • Sales and Marketing Department;
    • Compliance Department;
    • Revision Commission.

    Supervisory Board

    The highest authority of OTP Capital is Supervisory Board:

    • Chairman of Supervisory Board - Péter Simon, Business Development Director, OTP Fund Management Pte. Ltd.

    Péter Simon is a member of the Board of Directors of OTP Fund Management Pte. Ltd. since February 2007. His responsibilities include product development and the extension of the Fund management activities of the OTP Fund Management Pte. Ltd. to regional markets.
    Since 1995 till 1998 he worked as an investment advisor and then as a dealer in the futures and government bond market. As of 1999, he worked as bond portfolio manager and, as of August 2004, as deputy chief investment officer of CIB Fund Management Ltd. His responsibilities included supervising the implementation of the bond market strategy and liaising with key accounts.
    As of August 2004, he worked as business development manager for OTP Fund Management Pte. Ltd.
    Peter has received his BA at the College of Foreign Trade in Budapest in 1994 and then graduated from the Finance Faculty of the Budapest University of Economics in 1997.
    He has successfully passed Level III of the CFA Exam in 2007.

    • Member of Supervisory Board ‐ Gyozo Nyitrai, Director on investments and services with securities in OTP Bank Plc. (Hungary)
    Gyozo Nyitrai

    Mr. Gyozo Nyitrai is a member of Supervisory Board of AMC “OTP Capital” from August 2007. Mr. Nyitrai is responsible for the Hungarian and the Group level of securities distribution and wealth planning activities at OTP Bank Hungary and its subsidiaries in the CEE region. Mr. Nyitrai is member of several SBs and BoDs of leading companies in asset management industry and CEE banking (i.e. OTP Fund Management Hungary, OTP Real Estate Fund Management., CKB Bank, Investor Protection Fund Hungary).
    Mr. Gyozo Nyitrai has more than 19 years of work experience in leading financial and investment companies:
    1995-1997 ‐ company “Hungarian State Development Institute”, (Analyst).
    1997-1998 ‐ company “CIB Bank Hungary” (Corporate finance).
    1998-2001 – “Raiffeisen Asset Management Hungary” (Fund Management and Sales).
    2001-2004 – “CDP Capital – Canadian Hungarian Joint Asset Management” (Investment Director and General Manager).
    2004 – Director of Investment Services department at OTP Bank Hungary.
    In 2000, Gyozo Nyitrai has got Financial Analyst diploma from the European Federation of Financial Analysts’ Societies (EFFAS). In 1997, he graduated from Budapest University of Economics (Hungary) with diploma of Faculty of Finance and Corporate Evaluation.

    • Member of Supervisory Board ‐ Petko Krustev, Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer in DSK Assets Management (Bulgaria)
    Petko Krustev

    Petko Krustev is a Member of the Supervisory Board of AMC “OTP Capital” from July 2007.
    Petko Krustev has more than 17 years of work experience in leading financial and investment companies:
    1997-1999 – Financial House Ever Ltd., Bulgaria (Member of the Board of Directors and Capital Market Executive).
    1999-1999 – Unionbank, Bulgaria (Head of Corporate Securities Dept.).
    1999-2004 – ING Pension Insurance Company, Bulgaria (Portfolio Manager).
    2004-2005 – DSK Bank, Bulgaria (Investment Fund Project Manager).
    From 2005 – DSK Asset Management, Bulgaria (Chairman of the Management Board and CEO).
    Petko Krustev won the award in the category Contribution to the development of the nonbank financial sector of the Bulgarian National Competition "Mr. / Mrs. Economics" for 2007. (The competition organized by the “Economy” magazine and the Association of the Industrial Capital in Bulgaria and is under the patronage of the Minister of Economy and Energy. A specially convoked permanent expert jury of the competition awarded the prize. This peculiar Academy for assessment of the Bulgarian "Mr. / Mrs. Economics" formed from about 200 people working in the field of economics, business, finance, politics and media.)
    From 2011 Petko Krustev is Chairman of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies.
    Petko Krustev has a Master’s degree in economics. In 1997 Petko Krustev has got MBA degree in International Economic Relations from Technical University of Sofia; in 1993 he graduated the Technical University of Sofia with diploma from the Faculty of Electronic technics and microelectronics.



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