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OTP Classic

NAV6 200 272,21 UAH
NAV/1 IC 3 929,20 UAH

OTP Equity Fund

NAV9 852 364,53 UAH
NAV/1 IC 1,41 UAH

«OTP Double»

NAV35 362 164,96 UAH
NAV/1 IC 189,77 UAH

Funds Indicators

UX1 647,16
Interest rate of National Bank of Ukraineз 07.06%

«OTP Valutniy»

NAV31 975 408,17 UAH
NAV/1 IC 116,27 UAH

«OTP Invest +»

NAV48 546 328,44 UAH
NAV/1 IC 246,07 UAH

«OTP Podviynyi Rezultat»

NAV24 033 476,30 UAH
NAV/1 IC 127,54 UAH

Currency rate


Total assets

Total assets under management as of 2018 – UAH 1,5 billion

«OTP Valutniy»

Mutual fund «OTP Valutniy» is designed for investors who are seeking for a low risk opportunity to protect their savings from currency devaluation risks and to get higher returns than from foreign currency bank deposits, and also be able to withdraw their investments on a quarterly basis.

«OTP Classic»

Mutual open-end diversified investment fund «OTP Classic» is intended primarily for investors disposed to conservative investment strategy.

«OTP Pension»

OTP Pension – is an open non-state pension fund. It gives an opportunity to accumulate money for retirement age and to provide additional pension on reaching pension age.


The future is easy! OTP Kids is an investment for children and their parents


For the first time in Ukraine, OTP Capital launched an investment tool to accumulate funds for the benefit of the child. OTP Kids certificates can be issued for both parents and a child. For parents, the fund provides an opportunity to generate start-up capital for a child – for education, for housing, for own business or any other needs or dreams of a child. Parents can also use this tool to teach their children financial literacy and investments. Children with free funds also can safely try interesting themselves to increase their first capital.


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