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OTP Classic

NAV3 692 227,55 UAH
NAV/1 IC 2 778,20 UAH

OTP Equity Fund

NAV3 617 099,08 UAH
NAV/1 IC 1,03 UAH

«OTP Double»

NAV10 633 890,14 UAH
NAV/1 IC 170,63 UAH

Funds Indicators

UX1 047,78
Interest rate of National Bank of Ukraine %

«OTP Valutniy»

NAV20 582 330,47 UAH
NAV/1 IC 107,93 UAH

«OTP Invest +»

NAV15 345 647,88 UAH
NAV/1 IC 174,85 UAH

«OTP Double+»

NAV13 389 950,73 UAH
NAV/1 IC 2 211,39 UAH

Currency rate


Total assets

Total assets under management as of 31.03.2017: UAH 329 656 460

«OTP Valutniy»

Mutual fund «OTP Valutniy» is designed for investors who are seeking for a low risk opportunity to protect their savings from currency devaluation risks and to get higher returns than from foreign currency bank deposits, and also be able to withdraw their investments on a quarterly basis.

«OTP Classic»

Mutual open-end diversified investment fund «OTP Classic» is intended primarily for investors disposed to conservative investment strategy.

«OTP Pension»

OTP Pension – is an open non-state pension fund. It gives an opportunity to accumulate money for retirement age and to provide additional pension on reaching pension age.


Equities are returning. "OTP Equity Fund" earned 17.2% during 3 months


Since the beginning of the year, “OTP Equity Fund” managed by OTP Capital has provided its investors with 17.2% of yield, or 88.6% per annum. This became possible due to the equities growth in the fund's portfolio - Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Turboatom and Myronivsky Hliboproduct brought the greatest profit


The number of OTP Pension participants exceeded 30,000 people


The number of people with pension accounts in OTP Pension exceeded 30,000 people. Contributions to these accounts can be made both by individuals and by businesses in favor of employees. In 1Q 2017 the fund received an inflow of UAH 2.35 million. Together with the investment income allocated to participants' pension accounts, the fund increased its total assets by UAH 4.24 million (+4.7%), reaching UAH 93.78 million.


"Podviynyi Rezultat" deposit program from OTP Group: +5% addition to the standard deposit rate and mutual fund trial


Starting April 7, 2017, OTP Capital Asset Management Company and OTP Bank, are offering the "Podviynyi Rezultat" deposit program, which combines classic bank deposit and mutual fund. This allows clients to receive an increased rate on the deposit and additional income from investments in financial market instruments. OTP Group offers similar hybrid programs deposits to its customers since 2012, introducing European experience of investing in Ukraine



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